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The two-option majority vote is the most inaccurate measure of collective opinion ever invented! Unfortunately, many politicians, several professors and countless people still think that it is the basis of a democracy. Majority rule is OK, as far as it goes. But majority rule by majority vote, majoritarianism, is adversarial, divisive and, in many instances, the catalyst of war


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  • Jul 6 2013: The more inclusive methodology is the Modified Borda Count (MBC) - {first proposed by Nicholas Cusanus in 1435}. Have a debate; include all options (which don't infringe the UN Charter on Human Rights); if there's no verbal consensus, consnsors draw up a short list of 4-6 options; and then those concerned vote, i.e., cast their preferences. The winner is the option with the highest average preference. And an average, of course, involves everybody, not just a majority.
    The MBC encourages the protagonists to engage with their erstwhile (majoritarian) opponents; after all, to win, success needs not only lots of high preferences and a few middle ones perhaps, but also very few low ones. It also encourages (but does not force) all to cast a full ballot, that is, to respect the aspirations of others. Nobody votes against any body or any thing; albeit with varying degrees of enthusiams, voters vote only 'for'. The MBC is indeed inclusive.
    More of all this on www.deborda.org

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