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GMOs... yes or no? (Genetically modified food)

Just trying to see how people feel about Genetically Modifed organisms/food
I would like to see more strong Yes/No ... I feel like a lot of people are on the fense (grey area where some GMO are okay, some are not) but I would REALLY like to see some strong opinions on this topic


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  • Aug 4 2013: (my very same comment earlier today was mysteriously deleted, so now I have to post again.)

    No to GMO.

    1. Most of the GMO now in the market are to be planted together with a powerful herbicide like "roundup" etc., that kills all the weeds but leave the GMO intact. But over time, weeds grow resistant to the herbicides and become "superweeds" and thereby require more spraying of the herbicide and leads to intense poisoning of the soil. The same goes for the pest-reisistant GMOs, which lead to "superpests". In this way GMOs can potentially cause serious environmental damage which may not be reversed in short time.

    2. Also for the above reason, the claimed high yield of GMOs is only short term. GMO may tackle some problems and out-grow in short term but there is no evidence for their long term robustness as compared to our traditional crops that have stood the test of history.

    3. GMOs are patented. GMO farmers no-longer can save seeds but they are required to buy seeds from the company every year. If a non-GMO farmer's field gets contaminated with GMO pollen via wind (happens very easily), they can potentially face lawsuit by the companies and go bankrupt. This can lead to social injustice.

    4. Micro RNA of the GMO food can survive the digestive process and go into the blood stream. They can also potentially alter the genetics of the our gut microorganism. How they influence our own genetics and biology is not clear.

    For more information, the following documentaries are good to watch (available on the internet):

    "The world according to Monstanto" by Marie-Monique Robin
    "Seeds of Death" by Gary Null, Richard Polonetsky

    More info is available online if one is willing to search.

    Luckily, many states in the US now require the labeling of GMO, thanks to the "Genetically Engineered Food Right-to-Know Act".

    Now for something positive, smart farming design like permaculture is sustainable and has great potential to feed the world with good food! Just search!

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