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GMOs... yes or no? (Genetically modified food)

Just trying to see how people feel about Genetically Modifed organisms/food
I would like to see more strong Yes/No ... I feel like a lot of people are on the fense (grey area where some GMO are okay, some are not) but I would REALLY like to see some strong opinions on this topic


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  • Jul 5 2013: I wonder why there is a discussion about GMF? Each one of us is modifying the air through his personal lifestyle in some kind, but when some company or scientist wants to modify a plant everybody screams...

    The old fashioned way of agriculture is nothing else than modifying, but without any control about the result. The past was not better, at no time...
    • Jul 5 2013: The food itself - good (i think.) but higher in sugar and calories.
      The farming methods - okay, and efficient
      the control over family farmers it gives GMO seed companies - DANGER DANGER DANGER

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