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Will it be socially acceptable for me to never get married?

I'm in my early 20s and I never want to get married... do-able?
In the next 10-20 years, do you think our society will fully accept the fact that some people NEVER want to settle down and get married?


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    Jul 5 2013: I'm agree with you. i'm pretty young, 18 years old but i think like you despite the fact that all the world that ask you says that you are pretty young and in the futur that probably change, when we were kids , here in Colombia, the picture that some people puts in ours minds is when we grows up we'll have a car, house, a couple, children and maybe a pet. In this days in the school we've had to make a essay about climate change, one of the main problems is the overpopulation, more people, more food, energy, resources, etc. like happens with cars, the world don't need more people and more cars. Yes, our society dont like that but you dont have to be part of the flock and follow all the "rules", that in some cases are wrongs. If it that your decision is respectable. And if you want you can adopt a kid or a cat :3 (Sorry for my english and redaction)

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