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Motivating Leaders

Dan Ariely makes the point that simply looking at someone's work motivates them to do more.

I believe we should be motivating leaders to do more. Consider a concept which would highlight the work of ordinary people who are making a impact. This concept involves creating short documentary style films which show the person's passion and the difference its making in the lives of others.

Over the past ten years I've met women/men who have started after-school programs, hold fundraisers and complete community service projects. Often times its not about the money raised or the project itself but about getting people in the community working together. Shouldn't we highlight the work of these people?

What would mean to a young woman who started an after-school program to have a film where she can express her passion in an interview which she can share with her friends.

What would it mean if online communities like TED helped share her film and pushed it into 100,000 views.

She'd have a renewed since of meaning in her work, right? We may see other people begin similar work across town. And across the country.

How else can we motivate leaders? What role does social media play?

..I look forward to reading your thoughts on this important matter as we celebrate July 4th.
thank you for reading.


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