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Civic duty as rite of passage

It's Eriksonian, our children are adrift after high school. There is no rite of passage. There is obesity, sense of entitlement, and lack of cohesion and direction. I think that high school should extend for one year and all students should be required to complete a challenging course on civics and participate in their choice of service duty. Mini military camp, (not to become a killing machine but to learn why it is their duty as an America to defend not offend). Science, Arts and Humanities, local volunteer program, etc... The kids today need to know and understand the tenets of the Constitution, to understand what it means to become a full fledged American and appreciate the quality of life that only a free people can enjoy. In order to do this, to shape their experience and transition successfully into adulthood, they need to have a rite of passage that challenges them, encourages them to be a part of something worthwhile that is greater than themselves. They need to work with their peer to achieve a challenging goal that instills the values the founders laid out in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America. This might change our political landscape from a money hungry bloated big brother, big daddy state to more of a by the people for the people kind of land.


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  • Jul 7 2013: Hello Friend,

    Thank you for your feedback and comments!
    I agree with your assessment of "rite of passage". To be indoctrinated in the values that formed this more perfect union, first they must fully understand the history of the U.S. and the privileged and responsibility that awaits them as they enter into adulthood. I also concur with your political assessment and hope that learning the many Constitutional revisions, and a deeper understanding of their own particular laws, they may come to realize that the interpretations may or may not sit well with them. They may come to be more of the type of citizens the founders had in mind, and begin to wield their own mighty vote.

    As I say, forming the program would have to be a private sector endeavor. In time it may become a model for the country.


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