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Is it possible to learn how to learn, and if so, how?

During my educational days I was never actually taught how to learn, obviously this is a bit of a catch 22 question, but after reading books that teach tricks of the memory, and with a higher understanding of how the brain works, would it not be possible to teach people how to learn thereby giving an autonomy to the student, who may then go out and specify their own curriculum?


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  • Jul 9 2013: learning seems to be considered a innate thing, yet it is clear that most of the people suffer from some sort of deficiency in this regard, I wonder if it has to do with pollution, or a infection...

    mnemonics, is a system to learn a ton of things right? I wonder as it is a system that is almost unknown world wide.

    currently I have seen how new cures for learning impairments are developed and how a ton of nations neglect the people in need of such procedures,

    I wonder why the international community hasn't put a stop to such neglect...

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