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Is it possible to learn how to learn, and if so, how?

During my educational days I was never actually taught how to learn, obviously this is a bit of a catch 22 question, but after reading books that teach tricks of the memory, and with a higher understanding of how the brain works, would it not be possible to teach people how to learn thereby giving an autonomy to the student, who may then go out and specify their own curriculum?


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  • Jul 8 2013: To be meta-cognitive is to think about thinking. When you understand how YOU learn best and apply that to what you are learning you have learned how to learn. When you are confident in you abilities because you know how you learn best you will be a confident and curious learner who can set personal learning goals and gain autonomy. I am very proud of the Calgary Board of Education and the school I teach at right now because this has been our specific focus and it has made a difference in the lives of our students. Self-reflection and goal setting are paramount .

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