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Is it possible to learn how to learn, and if so, how?

During my educational days I was never actually taught how to learn, obviously this is a bit of a catch 22 question, but after reading books that teach tricks of the memory, and with a higher understanding of how the brain works, would it not be possible to teach people how to learn thereby giving an autonomy to the student, who may then go out and specify their own curriculum?


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  • Jul 4 2013: I watched the recommended video, it's wonderful isn't it? Almost the concept of being led to learn rather than forced to. Suggest that social dynamic plays a huge role in the willingness to learn. Yet still, I wonder if such techniques as the memory palace or a derivative coupled with deep learning couldn't be part of the curriculum. It seems that the abstract nature of maths is a stumbling block, where as the abstract nature of art isn't. Is this a difference between an open loop of learning and a feedback loop where the student sees results?
    • Jul 4 2013: Oliver, I agree. Math seems so abstract and boring. I mentioned below how much I have struggled with my daughter and her strong dislike of math. But then we went on the Khan Academy site to learn computer graphics and suddenly the whole concept of graphing clicked. It was wonderful.

      That video has changed the way I deal with my children and guiding them in their learning process. ( They attend a school, but now homework and summer work is approached completely differently. )

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