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Use of mobile and desktop applications in Education: Are they beginning to replace Books?

The number of online application in education has increased manifold- this of course, is the outcome of sheer public demand, but is it necessarily decreasing both our interest and demand for books and, would the increasing implementation of it, prove helpful in the longer run?

  • Jul 22 2013: Although, Technology is replacing "How" we read and access books, the very concept is something that can never get out of style.
    • Jul 30 2013: Yes! essence is not chaning at all. I agree with you Nishant, thank you :) There will be more various tools and ways to learn or study, but people usually miss old things which they are accustomed friendly.
      • Jul 30 2013: In indeed isn't. The way I learnt C(reading text books) was Radically different from the way I learnt Javascript(w3c online tutorials, and various other sources). But the thing to note is Learning hasn't stopped. It has just... evolved.
  • Jul 30 2013: Digital tools will be used a lot as another way to learn, I think. Because they are omnipresent, like mobile phone or desktops. But actually, I prefer a paper book one. I feel kind of dizzy when I stay a long hour in front of computer orso grabbing smart-phone. Although our technologies have developed enormously, but some people, certainly like me, wants to feel sense of old paper :)
  • Jul 14 2013: Yes, print books are replaced by computers, and more and more by the electronic "readers". That's why the traditional book printers and bookstores are all shrinking or even closing.
    Let me point out a trend on E-readers. A quite high quality (paper like screen surface by Amazon or Barnes & Noble) E-reader cost only around $80, which could even download books through internet wirelessly. Even in such places like Pakistan, they could "download" any available text or reference book through a computer. And if such E-reader is made with no internet connection, it would cost even less than the price of ONE book.
  • Jul 3 2013: I am not familiar with educational materials anymore.

    Since computers were first introduced into classrooms, it seemed obvious to me that electronic, interactive books, with automated indexing and searching, would replace paper books in education.

    Are paper books still being used in school? It is difficult for me to imagine why anyone would produce a paper text book anymore.
    • Jul 4 2013: Don't worry Barry, ill fill you in the current situations; paper books still exist and are still being printed.
      We older generations who lived on books still look for them... well not so old really. I;m barely 1/3 of the age of a human lifetime. But we still like books and look forward to new trees being cut and old newspaper being washed in bleaching chemicals just to produce that nice thick very heavy "book". These books are still being printed for the benefit of those who just love the look and feel of it.
  • Jul 3 2013: Very hard to answer. Books are being replaced by electronic systems as we speak. BUT... how do you define books?
    If you define it as the hard/soft bound heavy/light entities made of paper/cardboard YES they are being replaced physically. The medium of existence for books is only being transformed into electronic media therefore these "innovative" "books" will always be here with us albeit in a different form.

    in my views... books are just a tool for transfer of information/ideas. If these physical books will be replaced by other means be it videos, applications, mind-transfer-vulvan-mind-meld... it wouldn't be relevant. The point being humans will still learn regardless of the medium used.

    Interest in these physical books as a learning tool is a matter of judgement for the next generation... I grew up with books and is my learning preference. I don't know about the infant who is about to be born 50 years from now on what educational media he prefers...