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Does happiness or unhappiness tell us something about our intellect?

Does happiness help us learn? Does happiness distract us from learning? Does happiness effect our chances of being successful in life? Does happiness effect our present and future outcomes? Which statement is more meaningful: "Happy go lucky" or "the truth hurts"?

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    Jul 4 2013: .I think:

    Happiness in the valid scope of our instincts means the intellect works well.
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    Jul 3 2013: My point for this question is due to a survey I'm about to conduct. I will walk down a busy street with a loaf (foot long) of bread held to my ear. I will walk up and take it away from my ear and hold it to some random person and tell them "you have a call on the "cellu-loaf". If I make them smile then it's a small moment of happiness for the both of us. If they seriously look at me like I'm a total waste of their time then either they believe 1. I am stupid 2. not funny at all. The point of this survey is not about me, it's about them and who we are today.
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      Jul 4 2013: Vincent, you, the cellu-loaf and the other person are quantum entangled. You cannot hope to have an observation detached from yourself. And the observations can be any or all of the possibilities:
      1. You are stupid
      2. This is not at all funny
      3. A smile of happiness
      Or the antitheses of above.
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        Jul 4 2013: Well then, when I informed the cellu-loaf of your concern the cellu-loaf said, "be fair and delete #2 ...and I need some buttons and an antenna".
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          Jul 4 2013: The quantum probabilities just collapsed on a hearty laughter that emitted from my throat. :)
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    Jul 3 2013: My conjecture is that being miserable and under very great stress interferes with learning but has no correlation with intellect.
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    Jul 3 2013: You've heard the saying, "Fat, Dumb, and ________?" Happiness is a state of mind and is totally dependent upon one's appetites. What it takes to make you happy does not correlate with any of the conditions you list. Happiness is largely irrelevant. I find your two test statements equally void of meaningfulness.
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      Jul 3 2013: Thanks Edward. Nah, I don't believe I have or if I did it was said the wrong way. Do I fill in the blank with a 6 letter word rhyming with plucked?
      Short term and long term goals completed. If this is success for someone being happy, majority of your everyday time working on these goals, have no correlation or effect of it bing less or more difficult? I don't see much of happiness being about my appetites exactly or maybe because they are too low to notice.
      Would you rather "know the truth" or "not know the truth" Would you take a telescope and point it at the sun to find something truthful about it or would you not care to want to know about it by fear of going BLIND? Which of the two would you be happy with if you had to chose?
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        Jul 3 2013: BUZZZZ! Sorry. Wrong answer. We were looking for "HAPPY". My idea is that happiness is largely dependent upon your various appetites being satisfied, e.g. Hungry=Unhappy; Exhausted=Unhappy; Lonely=Unhappy; Having a good dinner=Happy; Well rested and energetic=Happy; enjoying friends and family=Happy. As for the cliches, I have no understanding of either one, or of the telescope scenario.
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          Jul 3 2013: Woops, sorry about the miss on the fill in the blank. Nope never heard that one. One word that does catch my attention in it is dumb though. OK, I will stop trying to relate it to anything here such as blind. OK, one more... a deer in fast moving headlights (curiosity->dumb).
          Many of those are necessities and I could honestly say I and others can be happy about being exhausted physically. It could spark a good feeling of achievement which could make one happy.
          I was thinking of other appetites not necessities exactly such as things one has to struggle to resist or loose the urge to do or less of for good reasons related to metal and psychical health (drugs, sex, candy...um, rob a bank)
          My mistake.