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What gives you hope?

This year in my Environmental and Resource Management class, we looked at a lot of global issues-both socially and environmentally-that are making big impacts in our lives. (peak oil, climate change, deforestation-anything along those lines) My teacher thought that it would be a good a idea to end the semester on a positive and productive note, looking at the things humanity is doing to improve global well- being. We researched different technologies and movements that are helping us move towards a brighter future. Outside our classroom, we received answers such as education, random acts of kindness, and active citizenship. So... in a time of such radical social and environmental change, what gives you hope for our future?


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    Jul 3 2013: My hope for the future lies entirely in Jesus Christ. This life is greatly enhanced by the hope of everlasting life, but is over all too soon. To have assurance that our death is, in reality, our birth into eternal life with our creator cannot but give us hope.


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