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"Even a broken clock is right twice a day. " Is it really right?

So I posted this quote as my google statues and my friend had an Idea:
"Unless you don't have a reliable standard to compare that clock with, it is useless to consider this fact that the clock might be right 2 times. Clock is a measurement instrument with which you measure something else, so if you wan't to verify it you need another clock which works 100% correct"
What do you think? Shouldn't we consider that maybe others can be right sometimes? How can we define this "standard" that my friend mentioned?

Topics: philosophy

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    Jul 10 2013: I assume that we are used to see things with our own eyes. So it's easy to say " this clock is broken. Need a new one". Then, assuming that, in fact, it is right and we are totally wrong, everything changes. Of course, I'm talking in a relativistic way. People takes things according to their own perception of the world. For this not to be a crazy chaos, we create some standards, which are the way things should be, and, from that, we can say things are right or wrong. But,usually, it is only a matter of differents points of view.

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