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What is more valuable to you money, reputation or internal happiness ?

Sometimes I think, money is everything we need, It can solve all the problems.
Sometimes I think, It is not money that makes you useful to society, It is your work that makes reputation for you.
Sometimes I think, Both as useless until you don't find your happiness, what do we get after we lose our own happiness.

So what do you think, Is this the Happiness or Joy that makes you useful to this society and gives you energy to continuously work for it, or there are some other things you do consider ?

Dark side:
If you have money, you can earn things that can bring happiness on your face but not necessarily in you.
Reputation makes you respectful in society but one can get false reputation with money power.
Finally Happiness is far from these things and it is not permanent, it could not bring money and reputation to you, So what do you think which one is superior ?

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    Jul 9 2013: Happiness
  • Keith W

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    Jul 4 2013: happiness
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    Jul 3 2013: This is a very interesting question.
    I personally view that all of these interlink, they are not necessarily mutually exclusive. For instance, your reputation will greatly affect how happy you are. While how much money you have will also influence your well-being, yet only to a certain point (otherwise known as the "Easterlin Paradox").
    However if I did have to choose one, it would be "internal happiness". Due to the fact that it would (ironically) make me the most "happy" for the longest amount of time.
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      Jul 4 2013: Thanks Bernard for your valuable contribution, Would you like to tell me more on Easterlin Paradox, It sounds interesting..
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    Jul 3 2013: If I need to purchase something then money is paramount. If I need another person to trust me then reputation is paramount. I cannot imagine a scenario where I need "internal happiness". So my answer is: sometimes it is money, sometimes it is reputation, but it is never internal happiness.
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      Jul 4 2013: Thanks edward ....for supporting the other side of this debate
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        Jul 4 2013: You are welcome, but I am not sure what you mean by "the other side". The responses are not focused under one viewpoint. You have gotten a wide-range of opinions. I wonder if you feel there is one correct answer?
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      Jul 3 2013: Yes, I would not say that I know too much about Rajyog meditation but I've seen some videos of Brahma Kumaris and they are really awesome. So you believe in happiness, you believe in one god as i do, but you said you earn energy from god, what do you mean by this, would you please elaborate ?
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    W. Ying

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    Jul 3 2013: .
    My answer:

    (1) "Happiness" is most valuable if it is in the valid scope of our instincts.
    (2) "Money" may buy happiness below or at its optimal point.
    (3) "Reputation" may make valid happiness if it is in the valid scope of our instincts,

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      Jul 3 2013: Your lines are really impressive but I would like you to do more discussion on what do you mean by valid scope of our instincts, Thanks
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        Jul 4 2013: .
        Very glad to.

        Here is a brief:

        (1) Valid happiness is the short-time feeling of things being a-step-better
        . . for keeping our DNA alive.
        (2) Invalid happiness is the short-time feeling of things being pseudo-a-step-better (actually a-step-“worse”)
        . . for keeping our DNA alive.
        . . E.g. having junk food, drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco, abusing drug,
        . . .... wasting (fashion, big house, touring, .... causing environment crisis),
        . . .... making too much money (causing inequality, crimes, wars, ....
        . . .... "destroying our planet", .... humankind self-extinction).
        (3) “Invalid happiness” is out of the valid scope of our instincts formed 10,000 years ago.

        About 90% of happiness we pursue today is invalid happiness.


        (from Be Happy Validly! p 39)
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      Jul 3 2013: Thanks Kate.... Actually Jaipur is known as Pink city.

      Your conversation is easy to understand and self explainable, so you think happiness is superior to money and social reputation, I am thankful for your contribution.
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    Jul 27 2013: "What is more valuable to you money, reputation or internal happiness."

    Actually, none of the above. Money as a medium of exchange is only worth what someone says it's worth. Reputation: I don't care what others think of me. Internal happiness: Happiness is only a choice away, a state that money can't buy, and my reputation can't assure.

    Thanks for asking, however.
  • Jul 7 2013: The thing that is most valuable in life is good health, and is more important than money, reputation or internal happiness.
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    Jul 4 2013: Any form of value is useless. It creates a dichotomy and division in the mind.
    We chase one and avoid the other.
    Superior creates inferior.
    All things are one before being put through the Thought Based Consciousness.
    There are many states of consciousness. Inquire and you will find out.
    Thought Based Consciousness rules the world.
    Free yourself from it.
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    Jul 4 2013: In Decreasing order of value (From most valued to least)




    I can do without reputation and money but must remain happy all the time , no matter what.
  • Jul 3 2013: With so many values to choose from, why choose just these three?

    For me, family is most important.

    Money is only important if the lack of it causes a family member to suffer.
    Reputation has little interest for me.
    Happiness is not a value to be pursued, it is the temporary reward for successfully pursuing correct values.

    It is interesting how people can have such different values and attitudes.
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    Jul 3 2013: To me this is a relatively easy question to answer, let me explain. To start with I will tell you my order of priority for the 3 nominated options.

    2.Internal Happiness

    To me ones reputation is everything. It tells who you are, what you stand for and what you believe in.

    A person of such conviction will know internal happiness as they are fulfilled, as they know their boundaries and their life motivators and drivers... in other words, who they are.

    Money, to me, is a by product of a consumerable society and has little to do with my own personal reputation that I hold myself to and as such provide my personal signature to my every thought and action.

    Neither does money factor into my personal happiness as I can find pleasure and happiness in many things that this world has to offer, or even from what being alive means to me.

    I think you will find that money will find it's way to those individuals who possess the other two positive traits in any case and so just becomes a part of the persons life but by having the other priorities set at a higher level, perhaps equates to a better steward of financial benefits! : D
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      Jul 3 2013: I don't see your comment as an argument to this Debate, please speak clear what do you mean by meditation, Here we are talking about a different topic.
      Sorry, If I am wrong... I've visited your profile and I've noticed you are copying & pasting same comments to various TED conversations, Is it a kind of publicity you are doing.
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    Jul 2 2013: I think I see two different questions here, one as the question and the other suggested by your narrative.

    When you ask what is valuable to a person, are you not asking what brings him fulfillment or contentment- both feelings that, like all feelings, are internal?

    If you are asking what makes people happy and fulfilled- how money, reputation, and other factors feed into that internal feeling of contentment, I recommend to you Martin Seligman's TED talk on this subject. His findings are that the most important factor overall in personal fulfillment is good social relationships. Other factors are learning, a sense of contribution, and challenging work.

    Your second question is about what that you do is most valuable to society rather than to yourself. I think here what you do is probably more important than how you feel, though how you feel may effect what you do and how well you do it.