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What is the future of the global economy?

With the rise of new economic powers such as China, India and Brazil (and virtually every other country in one small way or another), is the global economy headed, even faintly, in the direction of equality for all nations?

As growing internet access spreads information, enlightenment, global exchange and commerce across the planet, the gross effect appears to be a leveling of standards, innovation potential and competitiveness. People increasingly have access to the same learning resources, technology and information. So people in one part of the world are setting up businesses to rival others across oceans and deserts, effectively leading to a more balanced world in which New York is not so different from Mumbai, for example. Is this the true direction of the global economy, even for third world nations, or is there some other trend that's harder to see?


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    Jul 14 2013: To Simon et al

    I have great hopes for India in economic progress ;the developments of science and innovation.

    There is so much to learn from American experiences--these include what to do and also what not to do. I would like to list ,but few points of interest to me. You may wish to know that I was born in Eritrea to Eritrean parents and left home to go to college and then lived everywhere in Africa,Europe and Asia --for the last about thirty years of my life I have been living in The US where I became a naturalized citizen. That gave me an advantage as a societal/political critic to observe the culture and the political economy .Unlike a native born American, I did not have the brain washing that comes especially with the elementary and primary school educational system and later with main stream acculturation.

    The American marketing regime is superb---a model to be emulated in my mind.American educational system also may be worth learning from.
    The American Constitution is worth studying--but in practice power has been usurped from WE THE PEOPLE.
    Immigration policy--has been one of the greatest renewal factor in The American tradition. Throughout its history a succession of immigrants came with new blood to recharge the economic culture with great benefits.
    American minorities and women have made a lot of strides in ensuring minorities rights and women s' rights.We almost had a woman President--I believe soon we may have one.

    But, definitely India may be best advised to avoid unhealthy American diets of junk foods. American obsession with guns violence and terrorism throughout its history.Avoid American pornography--who needs that when you have your tantra yoga.Please keep your Hinduism and Buddhism-- the two greatest philosophies of living harmoniously.You have given the world Mahatma Gandhi, Meher Baba, Osho, Deepak Chopra and others .

    Thanks for "listening "
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      Jul 15 2013: No offence to Indian cultures but I have never ever said 'namaste' even once in my entire life nor has anyone said to me.

      Anyway, thanks for the wonderful comment. Its been an eye opener.
      I really want to see this country as a super-power someday.

      I'm a shame to my culture. I don't know who Osho, Meher, and Deepak Chopra is. Damn, I should learn some indian history.

      And yes, "Namaste".

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