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What is the future of the global economy?

With the rise of new economic powers such as China, India and Brazil (and virtually every other country in one small way or another), is the global economy headed, even faintly, in the direction of equality for all nations?

As growing internet access spreads information, enlightenment, global exchange and commerce across the planet, the gross effect appears to be a leveling of standards, innovation potential and competitiveness. People increasingly have access to the same learning resources, technology and information. So people in one part of the world are setting up businesses to rival others across oceans and deserts, effectively leading to a more balanced world in which New York is not so different from Mumbai, for example. Is this the true direction of the global economy, even for third world nations, or is there some other trend that's harder to see?


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    Jul 3 2013: I believe economy is directly related to inventions.

    Invention of new ideas, new philosophy, new discoveries.

    Based on such inventions fast changing nations will improve their economy.
    Static nations will face problems.
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      Jul 3 2013: Not everyone is equally gifted so is not every country going to be equally developed.

      And so, its our duty as developed and developing countries to help the countries that are in need of help, be it political, natural resources or anything else of importance.

      Unity is strength.

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