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From possessions to access

Does it make sense to buy something only to use it for a fraction of the time of its full utility? For example, is it smart to make one of everything regardless of their usage by the person? it seems to me that the idea of "possessions" is completely unstable on a finite earth.

There is a place in Toronto where people share tools and when your done with using the tool you simply but it back in the tool deposits. A city near Amsterdam also share bikes in which they all use and share, no single bike "belongs" to anyone, and there are enough bikes to be used since no one takes the bikes home with them, kind of like a library. Abundance being the key notion here.

If we could extend these practices to larger objective (like cars, electronic devises ect.), we could cut down on the environmental cost of "having one of everything", and we would develop into a society with a new set values, such as sharing, and access abundance, instead of constricted possessions and "property".

Let me know what you guys think.


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    Jul 2 2013: greatidea...but ideas like this are unattractive to most businesses ..Historically you cn see precedence in England dealing with the native Indians...when forced onto land reservations they attempted to farm communally which was their style...the English forbade it and demanded each farm seperately...another instance of government seriously interfering in community is when they banne3d the POTLATCH a indian ceremony where the cheif gives away all his possessions to prove his spiritual strengtrh . So now you are aware that your idea while good has historicvally been intercepted by those whose loyalties have historically been enterprise,not family
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      Jul 4 2013: This idea is unattractive to most businesses because of individualism. There is no thought into what would be best for everyone as a whole, only what is best for them and that means bringing in they money in order to stay alive in a monetary system.

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