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Is China's success a wake up call for the United States?

Americans have long assumed that in spite its faults the United States has the best overall system in the world. The success of China has cast doubt on that premise. Like it or not, we are in a serious competition with China. What is at stake is the role of the US Dollar as the dominant reserve currency. Power shifted from the British Empire to the United States when the Dollar beat the Pound Sterling. The Chinese Yuan is not yet even a secondary reserve currency but expect that to change.

How should we respond the Chinese competition? Should we view this as a matter of survival and prepare for the inevitable fight, or should we take this opportunity to learn from the Chinese to improve our system?

The first challenge is the Global Climate Change crisis. The world is looking for a country to provide leadership to solve this crisis. If China acts and we continue to be politically deadlocked, China will win the competition for international prestige. The world would be more willing to accept the Yuan over the Dollar.


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  • Jul 2 2013: according to your review,I find a big difference between Chinese and Americans.
    When we Chinese face problems,We think solutions,deal with problems.what we want is clear____make life better by solving problems.
    While Americans just want competence itself,you do not know what is hidden behind.So you regard the whole world as enemy.Monitor the whole world,even your friends...
    Should i say more of that?I think the answer is obvious.Why not change your position and angle?
    • Jul 2 2013: The problem is not that the US sees that world as an enemy, it's that Americans see each other as enemies. The competition that made America great has turned toxic.
      • Jul 2 2013: Ya... competition is a good way to do thing excellent,but as an old Chinese saying goes:Think about the origin while drinking.A good behavior can be evil without a good target.We human should not be driven by a behavior or something man-made.All what we want is happiness.Not science itself,not religion,not revolution.SO...things are simple,do not twisted.

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