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As a 90's in China, what Li said part is right but part is wrong.

I am not sure where Li's statistics came from, but it must be wrong. Since only about 30% graduates in 2013 get a job and more and more people, especially in Beijing find that it is too difficult to buy a house. Can you imaging that you have to pay 10 million RMB or about 2 million US dollar to buy an apartment about 100 square meters? For me, I have to say I can see little hope. But it is because of the competition. I believe there are so many talented people who can chase their dream, however, for most of us, we see desperation.


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  • Jul 4 2013: I am curious, is there a Chinese version of TED? Is there this kind of open minded exchange of ideas put forth by intelligent, well spoken Chinese nationals that seek to improve life in China? Would this kind of forum even be allowed?

    Why does China appear to be separate from the global community? There have been only a few Chinese speakers on TED. Let us hear more from Chinese brainiacs.
    • Jul 6 2013: According to the information I've heard, I don't think such a Chinese version of TED does exist. There're are a few TEDx events in China, but with limited impact.

      I think it is based on the Great Fire Wall in China, thousands of websites have been blocked to us, including Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Yeah I wanna see more Chinese faces, too.
      • Jul 8 2013: That's why Chinese people are separated from the rest of the world. Too sad. Why do the government do it.
        • Jul 12 2013: Cause PRISM started the same year as great fire wall? lol. I don't think Chinese internet is that much worse. I can have almost all information I want except once a while gmail does work. But I'm not sure if I can still trust google any more, there just isn't a good alternative.
    • Jul 17 2013: I was lead to this page by a Chinese platform called ZhiHu (http://www.zhihu.com/question/21292804), which exchanges interesting minds.

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