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As a 90's in China, what Li said part is right but part is wrong.

I am not sure where Li's statistics came from, but it must be wrong. Since only about 30% graduates in 2013 get a job and more and more people, especially in Beijing find that it is too difficult to buy a house. Can you imaging that you have to pay 10 million RMB or about 2 million US dollar to buy an apartment about 100 square meters? For me, I have to say I can see little hope. But it is because of the competition. I believe there are so many talented people who can chase their dream, however, for most of us, we see desperation.


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  • Jul 13 2013: Already read the comments below, and as a 90's Chinese, I didn't see which side is wrong. I just think we have to admit and cherish the rapid development here and actually I have benefited from it. The need of house is indeed a real question posed in front of most Chinese who don't have a father called "Ligang". That's a Chinese feature and the cause is much too complicated.

    The point is that in this new era in China, as well as the entire world, young people have to seek a new road which is never taken by forebears. During this hard time, it's so common to feel hopeless, helpless, and confused. But that's what we have to endure.

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