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As a 90's in China, what Li said part is right but part is wrong.

I am not sure where Li's statistics came from, but it must be wrong. Since only about 30% graduates in 2013 get a job and more and more people, especially in Beijing find that it is too difficult to buy a house. Can you imaging that you have to pay 10 million RMB or about 2 million US dollar to buy an apartment about 100 square meters? For me, I have to say I can see little hope. But it is because of the competition. I believe there are so many talented people who can chase their dream, however, for most of us, we see desperation.


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    Jul 10 2013: i have seen all comments above and i thought a lot.we have to admit that china still has a long way to go,at the same time,we also should see the great progresses china has made.we don't have to compare china with some other western countries,because we can't.china has different culture,background and large population,at this time,this situation,the communist party maybe the most correct choice.as a Chinese 90's,i am so satisfied with the life now,which is so nice when compare to our parents'.this is just my opinion,i am so proud of being a Chinese,as a college student,i will study hard to realize my dream and Chinese dream.
    sorry for my poor English.
    • Jul 13 2013: Zheng Xiansheng

      I agree with you 100%

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