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As a 90's in China, what Li said part is right but part is wrong.

I am not sure where Li's statistics came from, but it must be wrong. Since only about 30% graduates in 2013 get a job and more and more people, especially in Beijing find that it is too difficult to buy a house. Can you imaging that you have to pay 10 million RMB or about 2 million US dollar to buy an apartment about 100 square meters? For me, I have to say I can see little hope. But it is because of the competition. I believe there are so many talented people who can chase their dream, however, for most of us, we see desperation.


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  • Jul 4 2013: Are most of the comments coming from Chinese? I love my country. I will never change my nationality and will work hard with people around my age to build a better country. This is my dream, I am not sure whether I have the ability or whether I am capable to achieve it or not, but I am working. But there are so many people talking something useless. Such as "no need to buy a house". It's like a rich people looking down to a poor and laughing at him/her, "cannot afford a house? Then don't buy it!", this doesn't solve any problem! And I really don't know why some people think that there is no need to buy a house! Where are you come from? 2 month ago I watched the AmericandreamsinChina and it makes me think a lot. Maybe we care too much about what westerner think about as, but actually they are not that care about.
    • Jul 4 2013: I don't think any discussion or disagreement is "something useless"
      This is Ted. ideas worth spreading...
      just like in School. the teacher says no question is too dumb... well in this case, no IDEA IS USELESS
      all of my comments are response to your initial idea that Li was wrong about his idea (and statistic ?!?!) that Chinese has gotten better under the government now and all I am doing to trying to get you see the other side of this issue.
      You cannot solely blame the government for your desperation.
      I (as the reset of the world) have seen the improvement of China as a country. You cannot deny that? China is big. The fact that China is in the business section of every newspaper around the world proves that it is a significant part of the world economy. Therefore, I don't doubt you love your country and of course you want to build a better country that you love.

      Your desperation steams from the culture, values, and honestly (in my opinion) yourself and the pressure you give yourself. This has nothing to do with democracy. Your complaints should be going out into the society, not to Li who shared a great idea that made me have a better outlook on China and it's government. His speech showed his love for China and he's trying to make it better. But as you contradicts him, points out the exact problem in the Chinese society.

      You mentioned Maslow's hierarchy, have you compared life to 30 years ago, 20 years ago, and present day on this hierarchy? China is moving up.. and not just baby steps.

      The mere fact that you KNOW maslow's hierarchy proves to me that you are well educated, NOT starving, and probably have a roof over your head. That already satisfies the basic essentials on the hierarchy.. I'm not asking to reach self-enlightenment or something but simply consider the source of your desperation? I am not rich and I do not own my own house. for you comment on this doesn't solve any problem, what do you think would?
      • Jul 8 2013: China is booming up, however, to some degree, at the cost of risking ordinary people's lives. Yes, we see some Chinese are extremely wealthy. But meanwhile more people suffer as one people become rich. I can sense that China society is twisting.

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