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As a 90's in China, what Li said part is right but part is wrong.

I am not sure where Li's statistics came from, but it must be wrong. Since only about 30% graduates in 2013 get a job and more and more people, especially in Beijing find that it is too difficult to buy a house. Can you imaging that you have to pay 10 million RMB or about 2 million US dollar to buy an apartment about 100 square meters? For me, I have to say I can see little hope. But it is because of the competition. I believe there are so many talented people who can chase their dream, however, for most of us, we see desperation.


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  • Jul 2 2013: 1.I read his speech twice..and I do not think you have done your part well.Almost every statistics given with a source,and all true.
    2.Employment issues. Notice that what about it in 2012?in2011?and before?and before? And what's more?did you notice what measurements our government has taken?No!You just blind it.Sad.
    3.Real estate.Do you know that Beijing is the capital of China,owing a population of more than 20 M.So you tell me a 20 year old boy could not buy a house in Beijing is a result of injustice ?
    Suggestions.reading more,thinking more,and contributing to society ,then you will be able to get a house sooner or later
    • Jul 3 2013: I agree with the first two. The third one, I really don't know how to say about it. I never imaging a 20 year old boy can buy a house or even pay the advance for a department. I am talking about those 40's, 50's, they have no money to buy a decent house after 20 to 30 years hard work.
      And a graduate earn 10,000RMB a month after tax, (and the average salary in Beijing is 5000RMB), 5 month can earn one square meter second hand apartment, that is the reality.
      • Jul 5 2013: Why is it suddenly a requirement to live in Beijing? That makes no sense at all, literally none. Why should it suddenly be the duty of the government or society to ensure that every single graduate can make it in Beijing? Leave Beijing/Shanghai and you'll find housing prices that are FAR cheaper.

        As far as living in Beijing goes... sure, if you're going for prime real estate, you're looking at 5w+ a square meter. Go out a bit and you're closer to 1~2w though. There are even cheaper parts of the city, they are just not as glamorous... why should you have that handed out to you before you even do anything deserving of it? Here's a simple fact: most graduates will have far better lives if they just leave Beijing and venture off to a second tier city. The pay is slightly lower, but the cost of living differences are huge, too many people do not understand that. Most migrant labor is only here for scrapping and saving so they can take back a large chunk quickly and set up a good life. Once you have actual experience, try back in Beijing if you want. As for those in their 40s and 50s who have been working 20~30 years, if they didn't buy a house when it was stupidly cheap and essentially government-provided, that's their own problem.

        And don't get me started about Hukou. Fine, you graduate from a Beijing Uni, find whatever job for a year or two to secure your BJ 集体户口, then fall back, get experience in a city that is not as competitive then move back with a decent salary to buy your new place to make it 个人户口.

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