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How much responsibility should Facebook have when it is used as a media for abuse, racism and other forms of harm?

Watch this video from a news report channel in New Zealand (note English captions are available)


Sadly, this is only one of many fake pages on Facebook and while some may be perceived as funny, many are cruel & harmful. What if the fake page used your image?

Ideally, how do you think these situation should be handled and how would you go about tackling such issues?
What sort of action do you think would need to be taken to get Facebook to listen?


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    Jul 2 2013: When there are complaints there should be some responsibility on the part of Facebook to intervene in situations like that.

    By allowing pages that include and promote topics such as drug use, domestic violence, theft or any of the enumerable types of foul things that go on, facebook is in turn saying that they agree with these practices in my opinion. They have a controlling interest in what there service is used for and therefore they should also have a controlling interest in what they are willing to promote.

    There should be some recourse for parents teachers or the individual alike that would prevent or at minimum minimize the ability of people to create fake pages that defame anyone. Bullying is wrong no matter the facet or avenue used to do it. I think issues like this should take only a simple email unfortunately they are a corporation that is more interested in the dollar than the people using its service.

    Facebook would have the ability to see who created the page and I think it would be in the best interest of their companies image to remove fake pages but to ban or suspend anyone who created them.

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