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How much responsibility should Facebook have when it is used as a media for abuse, racism and other forms of harm?

Watch this video from a news report channel in New Zealand (note English captions are available)

Sadly, this is only one of many fake pages on Facebook and while some may be perceived as funny, many are cruel & harmful. What if the fake page used your image?

Ideally, how do you think these situation should be handled and how would you go about tackling such issues?
What sort of action do you think would need to be taken to get Facebook to listen?

  • Jul 3 2013: In my opinion:

    These situations should be handled in accordance with Facebook's stated policy.

    It appears clear to me that this type of posting meets Facebook's publicly stated criteria for being removed, under both "Bullying and Harassment" and "Identity and Privacy".

    I am no lawyer, and am not giving anyone any legal advice.

    Facebook members have agreed to their terms of use, and have agreed to use their service at their own risk, so they would have no recourse other than persuasion.

    With respect to their members, Facebook "should" have just as much responsibility as they choose to accept. They provide their web service to the public without charge, and their terms of service make it clear that members use the site at their own risk, and hold Facebook free of any liability. Members should understand that this is a very serious, and a very broad commitment.

    If the injured party does not use Facebook, then the injured party might be able to take legal action.

    Facebook could do a lot better than a vague statement that they do their best. Facebook COULD make a public commitment that complaints will be reviewed, decided, and have action taken within a specific period of time. They have CHOSEN to not make such a commitment. Something to think about.

    Personally, I do not use any social network sites. I think they are too open to abuse and misuse. Sooner or later organizations will start using them for propaganda, branding and other selfish purposes, and Facebook will not be able to keep up with all the complaints. At some point their business model will fail. Just my opinion, I hope I am wrong.
  • Jul 2 2013: Facebook should monitor and respond to these abuses.. I remember one TV show wherein a reporter said that they being Journalist who report to the world are bound by ethical rules. Previously only journalist for the most part had access to mass media. NOW everyone can be a reporter.... just write a blog or post on face book and others.... No ethics is required here now is there? I can post derogatory messages to someone i don't like on facebook and i don't care... as i am not a journalist and not subject to their "ethics" except my own.
    Who's responsibility is it then to discipline them? or at least regulate them? it falls on to the server.. facebook... and those providing a venue for these posts. As much as the poster is responsible for his posts... the venue host should make sure these people know they are out of line.
    Having too much freedom to say anything is stupid, as with freedom comes great responsibility....
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    Jul 2 2013: When there are complaints there should be some responsibility on the part of Facebook to intervene in situations like that.

    By allowing pages that include and promote topics such as drug use, domestic violence, theft or any of the enumerable types of foul things that go on, facebook is in turn saying that they agree with these practices in my opinion. They have a controlling interest in what there service is used for and therefore they should also have a controlling interest in what they are willing to promote.

    There should be some recourse for parents teachers or the individual alike that would prevent or at minimum minimize the ability of people to create fake pages that defame anyone. Bullying is wrong no matter the facet or avenue used to do it. I think issues like this should take only a simple email unfortunately they are a corporation that is more interested in the dollar than the people using its service.

    Facebook would have the ability to see who created the page and I think it would be in the best interest of their companies image to remove fake pages but to ban or suspend anyone who created them.
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    Jul 15 2013: Facebook should have no obligation to deal with these. What users do with the tools they are given is their own problem. To request the company to take action against these people would be the same as requesting a censorship for the service--which I believe we can all disagree to. Quite frankly, the majority of the cases relating to harm deals with children--Facebook is not responsible for raising any children. That is the parent's duty. To begin with, the website isn't even tailored for them. As far as bullying goes, the same applies. People who are not ready for Facebook needn't join in the first place. The internet is a haven filled with memes and harsh reality (visit 4chan for one hour and you will see). In my opinion, Facebook is in no way responsible for the content uploaded. Their only duty is to maintain the servers to the website and assure safety to our "private" information in accordance to their terms and conditions. As long as they provide a website for socializing that is free of malware, they have done their jobs.
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    Jul 5 2013: by keeping it in perspective.

    i'm not sure why people think facebook is so important. sure, it's a global thing and the guy that stole the idea off his mates is now very rich but that still doesn't make fb anything more than a giant gossip session.
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    Jul 3 2013: My answer: What is Facebook? :)
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    Jul 2 2013: say "ice" and observe yourself not frozen. words don't have power.