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Do Western and Eastern countries define “developed country” in a same way? If not, how they differ?

Also, since there are many different backgrounds of TEDsters, let's share each country's perspective on developed country.

In my case, I'm from South Korea, and we think developed country as a perfect idealistic world, where all aspects, such as economics, environment, culture, military power, crime rate, etc are all the best. Such country doesn't exist, but we tend to compare us with USA when we talk about military power, Norway in case of environment, France in case of fashion, Japan in case of robot technology and so on. We always pursue the best in the world in each aspect of component of advanced country. This approach to see advanced country has made us to work really hard, but also given us a huge burden in Korean's mind.

In Korea, people need to define what an advanced country is, in my opinion.

What about your country? I am curious to know how your view is different from mine.


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    Jul 7 2013: Namaste Jong

    Apply this yard stick. Ask one question...and if answer is yes its an advanced country.(Gandhi)

    Does it takes care of its poorest of the poor?
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      Jul 10 2013: Thank you for sharing your idea, Adesh!
      According to Gandhi, I think Korea and America are not developed countries...
      The world's econony is based on the Capitalism, which motivates us to work for selfish reason... I feel very sad about this world phenomena.
      Do you have good ideas of how to make a country that people stop being selfish and work for other's happiness, and start taking more care of poor people?
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        Jul 10 2013: Jong, your last paragraph echoes the thoughts & sentiments of so many. World poverty is abysmal. I have found it abhorrent ever since I was made aware of it as a child and saw tv pictures of malnourished & starving children in countries far removed from mine but for circumstance of birth all to close and real.

        In many of my posts here on TED I have espoused an opinion that there needs to be some form of overarching world governing body whose sole task it is, is to tackle via focused & targetted effort on prioritised global world objectives.

        I think this is the only real way to do this as each individual country has their own problems to deal with, that simply thru vested interest will always ride in preference to more global & altruistic goals!

        Furthermore, I have discovered via personal research on areas of personal interest a term or way of life that is,.. unique, for want of another way to describe it. It is not Capilatism, it is not Socialism, it is not Communism but it is Technocracy.. roughly translated to be governance by science & engineering. That is to say, acting in the best interest of people & society.

        For example capitalism would see a car company promote the virtues of purchasing a brand new car, whereas the technocrat, would see that in order for a brand new human baby to be placed in that car without harm from the outgassing of chemicals used in the fabrication of it, then the brand new car was warehoused for 6 months!

        The above scenario has had unsubstantiated figures and timelines incorporated as technocracy hasn't enabled as yet this reality.. in fact it was a genuine entity in America prior to World War 2, however, it disappeared when the war started & has been buried ever since.

        I was doing my own individual research on an area of personal interest & discovered that I was in essence a technocrat. Personally I think if a group of like minded individuals acted with this as their core foundation, your question & many others would be answered

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