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Do Western and Eastern countries define “developed country” in a same way? If not, how they differ?

Also, since there are many different backgrounds of TEDsters, let's share each country's perspective on developed country.

In my case, I'm from South Korea, and we think developed country as a perfect idealistic world, where all aspects, such as economics, environment, culture, military power, crime rate, etc are all the best. Such country doesn't exist, but we tend to compare us with USA when we talk about military power, Norway in case of environment, France in case of fashion, Japan in case of robot technology and so on. We always pursue the best in the world in each aspect of component of advanced country. This approach to see advanced country has made us to work really hard, but also given us a huge burden in Korean's mind.

In Korea, people need to define what an advanced country is, in my opinion.

What about your country? I am curious to know how your view is different from mine.


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  • Jul 9 2013: INDIA CALLING!
    well i have to give it to you!
    This is some question indeed.So who defines a what is a developed country?Whose gonna put a fine line between who is developed and who is not.
    People will surely agree that there might be numerous parameters that can get us closer to that answer but in reality it's not the case,not because that all of them are unable to provide that the exact answer but because the term "development" itself is a relative term and can only be compared.
    Talking about the parameters,let's count what they can be freedom,equal opportunity for each individual (if you are an Indian you can easily relate with "nepotism" ) flourishing lifestyle and good governance!
    But the recent turn of events are proving that we need to revise our definitions about all these,I mean look at the world's most developed country U.S.A. which is put in the corner by it's own people on the surveillance program PRISM which people are thinking as the violation of the basic right of privacy!
    In a nut shell according to me( as an indian nationality ) development of a country or the definition of a developed country can be directly related with the happiness index and satisfaction of the people of the country over the governance of the government!

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