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Are you a happy person and if so what brings you happiness?

The world shows and gives us many different images of happiness, buy this, go here, do this,, etc. but if we are constantly searching for external happiness how do you know when you have found it?
I personally prefer to find happiness within me, in my experience this is me standing in my power.

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    Jul 2 2013: I choose to be happy always, no matter what.

    Happiness is not pleasure.
    Even if we are not experiencing pleasure we can be happy.

    Happiness does not depend on outside factors, situation or cicumstances,
    It lies and comes from with in.

    Nobody can make us unhappy

    Have belief, we can be happy no matter what.

    We choose to be happy as a way of life and we need not wait for it to happen.

    Happiness is harmony. Happiness is a state of mind where our body, mind and soul are in harmony.
    • Jul 2 2013: a 3 years old kid is happy when you give his / her chosen toy / food / etc...

      you may say, They we buy happiness for our kids...
      I would say: "YES!"

      read this:

      Giving makes us happier...

      in may cultures, some parents or couples hardly they say to their children or partners that three word sentence: "I love you" ...
      we have to say that on daily basis, even a few times in a day to our partners / Friends / colleagues / children that we love them and seal it with a big hug.

      how many times we do that today? I guess we all are busy for that.
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        Jul 3 2013: Giving you gain , taking you loose.

        You gain happiness and love.

        Give up expectation also...Give but donot expect in return.

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