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Did Texas need this commotion over women's health?

Recently, my new adoptive state of residence has come under fire from around the country and even the world when a state senator filibustered the State Senate against a bill that addressed women's health issues.
The bill addressed several issues.
1. Abortions would be limited to 20 weeks.
2. Abortion clinics will meet the minimum standards for medical facilities.
3. Supervising physicians will be accredited at a hospital within 30 miles.
Of the 42 state registered clinics, over 30 do not meet the minimum medical standards. the cost to meet the minimum standards are costly. Most would be forced to close.
Supposedly, some supervising doctors do not meet accreditation requirements and some clinics are farther then 30 miles from a hosptals.
The state senator claimed that this law was an afront to women's health care rights and the meanspirited politics of a conservative group and would drive women to dark alley for abortion by coat hanger. Allowing for rhetoric, I am at a loss as to why anyone would find this new law so terrible.
OK, the 20 weeks? Can't most women decide by the 20th week. Something could happen at the last minute but....
Would anyone want a serious medical procedure done in a facility that didn't met the minimum standards for medical procedures.
Even more so, would anyone undergo a medical procedure in a clinic more then 30 miles from a hospital in case something went wrong? Knowing that things can go wrong, even fatally wrong?
Unaccredited doctors? That's a no-brainer
So what was this state senator railing about?

Closing Statement from Mike Colera

I had thought that with the national exposure of the state senate debates, there would be a bigger conversation abut the debate and the conclusions that came from that debate would be of more interest then it generated. There are major issues to be discussed and maybe in another conversation.

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      Jul 2 2013: Sorry, Not Here not LaMar

      Your No.1 This comment is exaggerated with little basis in fact. About half the people in Texas are women and Texas is a politically conservative state, and there are no referendum as such.
      No.2. Some of these clinics do not meet minimum medical standards to perform abortions, have unaccredited doctors and no hospital access. That's why this bill was brought before the house.
      No. 3. No republican party members are women... are you sure?
      No. 4. That law has been passed and the appeal upheld.
      No. 5. See No. 4.
      So, you are standing with women who are fighting to allow potentially bad medical services to be provided.
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          Jul 2 2013: Hello Not Here. Regarding issue number 3: You have published it on TED ("The entire party that wrote and is trying to pass this law are ALL MEN."), and you have insisted ("Every statement is absolutely accurate...") you are correct. The readily available documented facts reveal you are wrong. The Representative.of District12 is a female Republican. The State Comptroller is a Republican and a woman. The Railroad Commissioner is a Republican and a female. The Vice-Chairman of the party is a woman, as is the Secretary of the State party. there are hundreds-of-thousands of registered Republican women in Texas, as you yourself confirm in Issue number 1.. Do you continue to dispute these facts-of-record?
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      Aug 1 2013: Mr. Gonzales,
      This conversation is closing. I have comments to make about abortion myself. So, if you would start a new conversation on this subject I would join in, I am sure.
      Thank you for responding.
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    Aug 1 2013: As this conversation comes to a close, Texas law has a new standard for abortion clinics as to the facility and procedures. There has been a hue and cry from some that these regulations infringe on women's rights and health benefits. I try to be open to the arguments, but they ring so hollow.
    What I hear them saying is that "we are for the status quo", "This is a program to end our right for abortions"
    There may be truth in that, but there is also true that some of these clinics were not well managed and were not compliant with state standards for medical procedures.
    That is what bothered me.
    From a man's stand point if the doctor who does a vasectomy has to be in compliance, the doctor who does abortions should be too. It's only fair.
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    Jul 10 2013: Update. The recalled state legislature held more hearings and debate. The house passed the bill and sent it on to the state senate
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    Jul 2 2013: I have been listening to Diane Rehm tackle this same issue this morning.....maybe you'd enjoy listening to her interviews.

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      Jul 2 2013: Thanks for the heads up....
      My 10 year old apple is badly bruised and wouldn't load up the NPR website. I mostly go to google for info as it seems not to mind google.
      So ,I'll take a fly at the conversations base on what .I've on other national venues, Most criticism is the big bed OWM that rule Texas with an iron fist and poor Texas women are downtrodden... Most Texas women when hearing that have told me they'd like to have the commentator close enough for a bullwhip or would give them a running start before shooting at them..
      Actually, the senator from Houston is more the Texas Womam then the ones she was describing.
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    Jul 2 2013: Gary, Fair enough.
    I hear Glenn Beck is up in the Dallas area now and he and his minions support a more libertarian view of government.
    Rick Perry can be said to have those opinions. Dewhurst has been in his job for awhile and seems to run a tight ship in the management of the legislature. I had no problems with a Senate filibuster. That is what legislative procedure is all about.
    What got me "upset" is that there was a crowd in the gallery that rose and created a mob rally totally disrupting proceedings. Further, in video reports, there were people on the floor looking up and encouraging this raucous behavior.
    I see this as insult to Texas and it was further exploited on national TV. I heard the filibuster and then I read the summary of the law.
    20 week cut off for abortions
    Clinics meeting minimum facility standards for medical procedures
    Accreditation and location to hospitals.
    What could possibly be so odious to rise to level of such a filibuster where the argument that Texas women wanting an abortion would return to dark allies, etc. etc. .
    It didn't make sense to me. Why wouldn't this senator want the best possible medical care for women undergoing this procedure, especially, after the recent Abortion Clinic Doctor on trial back east.
    Further checking out... the rumor
    Most of these clinics are run by Planned Parenthood Inc. PP didn't want the expense of compliance with this new law,
    They told the Senator that the clinics would be closed if this law passed and the women service would "suck eggs". Hence the Senator's claim that there would be a horrendous loss to women;s health care. Although abortions are "only a small part of PP services" it would close these clinic down.
    PP evolved out of the philosophy of Eugenics. When Eugenicists were unable to limit the progeny of the poor and minorities by law, they founded PP and do it "legally". The last reports of abortion show out of 7, 4 are black, 2 are Hispanic, and 1 is white. Mission Accomplish.
  • Jul 1 2013: Remember mike that these discussions are reporting problems and who knows what the players really believe. The little boys club is still in shock as Sarah Palin and others picked our new U.S. Senator. .No we didn't need this.
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      Jul 2 2013: George are you speaking of the actions on the Texas Senate Floor or my topic for conversation
      • Jul 2 2013: They are related Mike In your comments you mentioned the Filibuster. Okay, the recent Senate Race - I have never meet Lt. Gov. Dewhurst -he has got to be concerned about his position in the shark tank but it is safe to say that everything that is happening is related to their surprise. Common sense would suggest that the governor and Lt.governor wouldn't be so concerned if it weren't for the Tea Party. Don't you so believe? The TeaParty has created a crazier agenda for the professional politicians. Do you still disagree? I've tried to articulate it better.