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Gay Marriage Rights

Obviously this is an extremely significant issue that has become a daily topic in many households. I am pretty young, starting high school next fall, and I have always been curious to listen to people's opinions on the topic of Gay Marriage, because it is an important part of my life.

I am a triplet, with a sister and a brother, and I suppose one could say I have a unique lifestyle. My siblings and I have been raised in two households our entire lives, the reason being that we have four parents. All of them are gay, meaning my mom's live together, and my dad's live together.

Both of my biological parents are in law enforcement, while my other dad and mom are stay-at-home parents. My mom's have been together for 20 years, and my dad's have been together for 19. We live in California, but my parents live 100 miles apart, with one house being located by the beach, and the other in the countryside. My dad's raise all kinds of animals, and they always teach us important values, along with my mom's as well.

My mom's got married a few years back, when gay marriage was okay in California for that short period of time. My dad's have not gotten married, but with the new laws, they are engaged now and hope to be married as soon as possible.

One of my dads is from Mexico, and he has been here for about 25 years. He is not a citizen, and now that he can get married to the person he loves, he will finally be recognized in the country he loves. My parents have always taught me to accept everyone, and I find it easy to get along with many different varieties of people.

I am starting this debate mainly because I am aware of the religious standpoints, and want to hear more about others outlooks and perspectives on gay marriage, and equality. I am open to all opinions and would like to hear all and every reason as to why you feel that way.


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  • Jul 2 2013: Jessica, you have an incredibly complex situation that you are facing with a myriad of challenges.

    My personal views have changed over time, and honestly, I am not sure I am completely comfortable with the whole idea of gay marriage. However, if the issue is primarily tax benefits and recognition as a "married" couple under the law, I have no issue with this. Well, personally I may have an issue with it, but professionally and from a public standpoint, I don't see this as a significant issue that affects me personally. At the end of the day, I work with some amazing people, who happen to be gay. They do great work and they deserve to be happy in their lives and relationships. That doesn't affect their work and it doesn't affect me personally.
    • Jul 2 2013: I suppose there are less worries when a gay couple has the same benefits as a heterosexual one, but I believe that gay people just want recognition. They want to be equal to other straight couples, to be accepted into society. Of course, I get this idea from listening to my gay parents converse about the issue so I wouldn't know otherwise. I admire that although you might not be okay with, or support gay marriage personally, you think that they deserve happiness. I really appreciate that. Thank you for your outlook.

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