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What does 1 dollar buy?

With one Indian Rupee one can buy:
1.One candy, sometimes two mint fresheners
2. One match box
3. One page photocopy
4. Normally one SMS
5. One Indian Mail Postcard (within country)
6.Painkillers, emergency drugs for cardiac attacks (sorbitrate), cure for allergies, indigestion and urinary tract infections.
7. You can get a button sewed in Kolkata for Rs. 1.
8. Eraser, candle, rubber bands, razor blade, nails from hardware store (six for Rs. 1) Zipper puller
6. 5 ml coconut oil sachet.

What does 1 dollar/pound/Franc/Euro or whatever your currency buy?


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  • Jul 5 2013: It changes here in Massachusetts. One thing is consistent, it buys nothing healthy. Nothing. A bottle of water is all over $1. Maybe an apple, but not a good, fresh one. Right now, I could get a medium size order french fries, but not a medium raw potato.
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      Jul 6 2013: You say it buys nothing healthy... then you mention a bottle of water, that's healthy. And as for potatoes, I just checked the grocery store: Red potatoes: $0.48 each, White Potatoes $0.56 each, Large Russet baking potatoes $0.78, Yams $0.87. And if you wan't a whole bunch it's $3.99 for 5 pounds.

      It's much cheaper to make your own fries. If you buy a 10 pound bag of potato's you'll end up paying about $0.20cents per serving of fries.

      Fast food is not really that great of a deal, it's just convenient.

      Edit: more examples:
      corn on the cob: $0.60
      beef ravioli can: $0.87
      cheapest hotdog pack: $0.99
      • Jul 6 2013: He said a bottle of water costs *over* a dollar. Plus he is talking about Massachusetts and you didn't mention anything about the grocery store you checked being in that state. It's also possible he is referring to organic produce which if that's the case, I don't blame him for. The crap that gets sprayed on to ordinary produce you get in your grocery store is revolting to think about.

        Also, I wouldn't insert items such as canned ravioli and hot dogs into a list that is only supposed to contain healthy items. Just read the ingredients on them and you'll see what I mean.
        • Jul 7 2013: Thank you Jan, your reply is exactly correct. And as I mentioned, a good, fresh medium sized potato where I live will cost over a dollar.
      • Jul 7 2013: Peter, I appreciate your reply. Jan responded well. I will too, however. I cannot get a bottle of water where I live for less than $1.25. I mentioned the cost of a medium potato in my reply to Jan.

        Deep fried potatoes made outside of the home are incredibly unhealthy. Deep frying even inside the home, is not healthy. I am sure that I could buy on Kentucky Fried Chicken leg or breast, but that is not "healthy" as I view it. Just like hot dogs, canned ravoli. They are loaded with chemicals, as Jan pointed out. That is why they have such long expiration date. Fresh, healthy food doesn't last months, much less years. That is not healthy eating, IMO. Your view of healthy food is different, it seems.
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          Jul 7 2013: First off, I did not say the food I mentioned was healthy(although potatoes can be part of a healthy diet) I just said the bottled water was healthy.

          True about the hotdogs and whatnot, but, in most circumstances, people buy larger portions of food for more than $1 and it comes out to be less per portion.

          For example, it's only about $4 for a 24 pack of bottled water, that's about $0.17 each. A 6 pound bag of stir-fry vegetables is about $8, about $0.67 for for a good size serving.

          It is possible to spend less $ than at fast food and eat healthy is my point.

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