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What does 1 dollar buy?

With one Indian Rupee one can buy:
1.One candy, sometimes two mint fresheners
2. One match box
3. One page photocopy
4. Normally one SMS
5. One Indian Mail Postcard (within country)
6.Painkillers, emergency drugs for cardiac attacks (sorbitrate), cure for allergies, indigestion and urinary tract infections.
7. You can get a button sewed in Kolkata for Rs. 1.
8. Eraser, candle, rubber bands, razor blade, nails from hardware store (six for Rs. 1) Zipper puller
6. 5 ml coconut oil sachet.

What does 1 dollar/pound/Franc/Euro or whatever your currency buy?


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    Jul 6 2013: 1 dollar buys whatever someone is willing to sell you for a dollar. This could be pretty much anything, depending on the context. A dollar is a unit of economic exchange.

    Sell umbrellas in the rain. Sell ice cream in the heat. Buy low, sell high. Try to get as much as you can for your dollar. Micro, macro economics.

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