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What does 1 dollar buy?

With one Indian Rupee one can buy:
1.One candy, sometimes two mint fresheners
2. One match box
3. One page photocopy
4. Normally one SMS
5. One Indian Mail Postcard (within country)
6.Painkillers, emergency drugs for cardiac attacks (sorbitrate), cure for allergies, indigestion and urinary tract infections.
7. You can get a button sewed in Kolkata for Rs. 1.
8. Eraser, candle, rubber bands, razor blade, nails from hardware store (six for Rs. 1) Zipper puller
6. 5 ml coconut oil sachet.

What does 1 dollar/pound/Franc/Euro or whatever your currency buy?


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    Jul 3 2013: One rupee, when given, gives happiness.

    The most common use of one rupee in India.

    When ever we give some body gift of money it has to be Rs 11,Rs 21,Rs 51,Rs 101. It is considered auspicious. We have to add one Rupee to make above amounts.
    In a long long time i have not used one rupee except to give .......to give as tip or gift.
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      Jul 3 2013: Tip:
      Add "Rs." or the respective currency before every amount of money.
      What you typed reads to me as Rupees 11 Crores....

      Maybe you are trying to imply that 1 is added in every unit of number as you have shown but if not so, then your point is not moving forward.

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