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Pornography: Yes or No?

Recently, my country 'India' banned 39 porn sites. Although most people seem to have had no decrease in the supply of pornography, i began to ponder on this issue of debate known as pornography.

Its a love-hate relation that we have with porn. Many will disagree and some actually don't like it but anyway,porn is really prevalent in our lives. Over 12 % of the websites online are porn websites and 25% of the search engine requests Pornographic related. No wonder its so widespread.

Besides normal pornography, porn also caters to smaller groups with fetishes. There is a rule on /b/ of 4chan under Rule 34 that says, 'If its there, there is porn of it". Strange thing is that its actually true. There is porn of whatever you think of. Porn is a huge industry. IMO it just depicts the sole purpose of humans in a physical world with real-life action. And since most educational institutions and parents don't teach their kids about sex and how to actually do it, I think pornography is doing a great work by teaching us how to perform. I learned a great deal watching and reading porn; and it actually benefited me and made me wiser in these matters.

Anyway, we need to discuss why it is needed in a society and for whom is it?
Is it bad entity?
Is it destructive to the human mind?
Does it destroy relations like marriages?
Should it be banned? Why?
Will banning porn really help anyone or anything?
Does porn influence people to commit sexual crimes?
It is causing teenagers and non-married people to have sex before marriage?



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    Jul 5 2013: I think sex websites have to be banned because they are immoral. Some people may think that those videos are okay when they see them and they would think that adultery is something normal. I think that Nudity and sexual acts degrade human beings. Children can access those videos and they might mimic the people who appear in them.
    • Jul 17 2013: So do you think violent movies and other media should also be banned because children might access them? And what is immoral about people being having the ability to confront and appreciate human sexuality via the web? The real problem and immorality is a society which restricts people from being able to explore and benefit from their basic human desires, instead forcing them to live a more bland life and to ignore their natural human nature.
      • Jul 24 2013: Do you think that long term exposure to violent movies has absolutely no effect?

        Why do you assume it forces them into a more bland life. And the use of the word 'more' also assumes they had a bland life anyway, why do you assume that?

        Don't you concede that there might be the possibility it could lead them to live a higher life, free from the physicality that constrains humanity?
        • Jul 27 2013: I never said that violent movies have no effect, but it is the job of parents to protect their kids, not the government's, especially when the government tries keep EVERYONE (adults included) from viewing such media.

          And no, ignoring something doesn't make it go away, you can hide from your sexuality, but you can't forget about it. Besides, human sexuality is something that many people love to indulge in, and to force those people to ignore their natural inclinations (which make them happy) so as to satisfy some philosophical axiom of "moral decency" that was created by people who devoted their life to studying the writings of ancient schizophrenics (I'm talking about religious people) is utterly absurd.
          And I never said they had a "bland" life, I'm saying that sexuality is interesting and beautiful (to many people, obviously not to you), and that ignoring such a wonderful dimension of human existence would indeed make life more bland (regardless of how bland a life you may already have been living before).
          At the end of the day, you can do whatever you want, I don't care how much you choose to enjoy life, but why the hell would you ever want to restrict other people by also banning porn websites? There should always be the option to explore and love yourself and the human body in general, EVERYONE shouldn't be forced to restrict themselves, regardless of how much you personally may want to.
      • Jul 27 2013: Please don't assume you know me, you don't.

        As any observations you make, or any comments you make, be they good or bad, will invariably always get lost when you turn something into a personal attack.

        And that behavior shows you as someone that is not really worth the effort in talking to, as you don't have the ability to rationalize your thoughts and actually have a open discussion, it's a shame that you chose to descend to that level.

        But it was your choice.
        • Jul 27 2013: No need to get offended Tify, I never claimed to "know" you entirely, I'm simply going off what you wrote. You mentioned physicality constraining humanity (in your last sentence), which indicates someone who believes that sexuality isn't beautiful, (which I'm fine with, you can have any opinion you want), and someone who also wants to overcome her physicality and restrict themselves by not indulging in pornography. This wasn't a personal attack, it was based off what you yourself wrote, this notion of physicality restraining humanity. In reality I'm perfectly fine with you doing that, don't insinuate that I disapprove because that's not how I and many others want to live, I just want to know why you want to impose your beliefs on others by banning porn. And honestly, what do you mean when you say that physicality restrains humanity? I honestly don't know what you're trying to get at given that sexuality is a way for people to connect to each other and even sync up emotionally to each other.

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