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Pornography: Yes or No?

Recently, my country 'India' banned 39 porn sites. Although most people seem to have had no decrease in the supply of pornography, i began to ponder on this issue of debate known as pornography.

Its a love-hate relation that we have with porn. Many will disagree and some actually don't like it but anyway,porn is really prevalent in our lives. Over 12 % of the websites online are porn websites and 25% of the search engine requests Pornographic related. No wonder its so widespread.

Besides normal pornography, porn also caters to smaller groups with fetishes. There is a rule on /b/ of 4chan under Rule 34 that says, 'If its there, there is porn of it". Strange thing is that its actually true. There is porn of whatever you think of. Porn is a huge industry. IMO it just depicts the sole purpose of humans in a physical world with real-life action. And since most educational institutions and parents don't teach their kids about sex and how to actually do it, I think pornography is doing a great work by teaching us how to perform. I learned a great deal watching and reading porn; and it actually benefited me and made me wiser in these matters.

Anyway, we need to discuss why it is needed in a society and for whom is it?
Is it bad entity?
Is it destructive to the human mind?
Does it destroy relations like marriages?
Should it be banned? Why?
Will banning porn really help anyone or anything?
Does porn influence people to commit sexual crimes?
It is causing teenagers and non-married people to have sex before marriage?



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    Jul 2 2013: All questions can be asked to nature and we will find the answer.

    Why nature gave us sex?
    To procreate

    Why it gave pleasure with sex?
    Nature attached ecstacy to sex so that we mate to seek pleasure and in the bargain procreate.

    Nature wanted it to be hidden?

    Any other meaning attached to sex is a product of evolution of thought process of human mind from stone age to present.
    • Jul 2 2013: Your 'Nature' wants to pee. Do you pee anywhere? No right, self control due to shift in culture and whatsoever. Another, what if a 10yearold child wants to have sex, you allow? Same for this case, cannot be simply thought this way.
      Anyway you are losing focus on the main issue here stated.
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        Jul 3 2013: Daryll ever thought why there were and there are nude communes?
        Are those people crazy? They say they are in search of truth and honesty.

        They say they are tired of hiding themselves and their thoughts from the world..In commune they feel they are completely honest and have nothing to hide from the world even their feelings.

        Average person hides their feelings and lie very frequently.
        .Eg only a few man can praise physical attibute of another female in the presence of wife , most would like to do so in a company of friends.
        • Jul 4 2013: The issue is pornography here, you are drifting off from topic though sex is related and although porn may derive from it
    • Jul 3 2013: I think i understand what Adesh means and i agree. Sex isn't dirty, evil etc.. but the interpretation is, and that interpretation is a product of human thought. Some actions are definitely evil (stealing, killing, hurting people).
      Now I suppose some rules regarding "peeing anywhere" or "having sex" anytime has to be placed into proper situations. But consider this: Most cultures regard females baring their breast out in the open as lewd.. but some pacific islander women walk around bare breasted and there is no sexual thought from the male community members. For them its just like your hair or arm or ears... If you somehow had to live with these people.. would you be willing to walk around bare as well? The culture doens't consider it lewd... so why not? They don't care about your breast (or genitals), but your thoughts(your culture/customs) would, and therefore most likely you wouldn't. Human customs/cultures are curious.
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        Jul 3 2013: Every thing in this world is neutral,

        We are the ones who attach meanings to these things which are essentially neutral.

        To a sage or an animal there is no signicant difference between gold and stone.

        There are communities where sexual activities are allowed as soon as one has the desire for sex, they believe this is the best time and delaying further is un natural and harmful.They do not know or they do not need pornography. Do we have the right to judge them?
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          Jul 4 2013: Is the man allowed to bring big clubs to hit the woman or child (WTF?) over the head if she denies him or does denying not even take place? I don't think the right word here is "judge". I believe "help" would be much respected here.
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        Jul 4 2013: I wonder who need help here..they or you?
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          Jul 8 2013: For the amount of chivalry I have I assume you believe I need help in convincing myself to let my 8 year old daughter have sex if she desires to do so. Do you have any children, Adesh? Do you clearly understand what you're writing here or am I just misinterpreting? If your daughter could possibly procreate (this is your reason) at 8 years old would you be willing to accept this? An 8 OR 10 year old caring for a child, imagine that for a moment maybe?! I just had a sick sick thought of you and my 8 year old. Yes, clearly I do need help now but I believe you need it much more than I do if I understand you correctly. Maybe you need to be in that rare type of community?

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