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Pornography: Yes or No?

Recently, my country 'India' banned 39 porn sites. Although most people seem to have had no decrease in the supply of pornography, i began to ponder on this issue of debate known as pornography.

Its a love-hate relation that we have with porn. Many will disagree and some actually don't like it but anyway,porn is really prevalent in our lives. Over 12 % of the websites online are porn websites and 25% of the search engine requests Pornographic related. No wonder its so widespread.

Besides normal pornography, porn also caters to smaller groups with fetishes. There is a rule on /b/ of 4chan under Rule 34 that says, 'If its there, there is porn of it". Strange thing is that its actually true. There is porn of whatever you think of. Porn is a huge industry. IMO it just depicts the sole purpose of humans in a physical world with real-life action. And since most educational institutions and parents don't teach their kids about sex and how to actually do it, I think pornography is doing a great work by teaching us how to perform. I learned a great deal watching and reading porn; and it actually benefited me and made me wiser in these matters.

Anyway, we need to discuss why it is needed in a society and for whom is it?
Is it bad entity?
Is it destructive to the human mind?
Does it destroy relations like marriages?
Should it be banned? Why?
Will banning porn really help anyone or anything?
Does porn influence people to commit sexual crimes?
It is causing teenagers and non-married people to have sex before marriage?



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  • Jul 2 2013: Well...YES to pornography but with certain restrictions.
    Come on guys pornography is good to fulfil our sexual fantasies to an extent. Either we watch porn or our nature will take its course in the form of wet dreams or sexual dreams. It is basically a form of entertainment or stress-reliever especially to guys.
    However there are some negative implications that come with it. It conveys to the young ones or even the older ones wrong sex relationships. Some may convey an idea that the male is the domineering party and the female should and would listen to the male's sexual wishes although the female do not want it. It also portrays females as vulnerable victims and can be controlled. This serves as a bad education towards younger ones as most of them do not know whats right or wrong yet. This is why porn should only be viewed by a person of maturity(18and above) so as to reduce negative effects. Some porn also tells us the wrong views of woman. Theres a specific pornsite i have viewed and its about this guy going around the streets and slowly enticing woman with money for sexual desires, eventually the woman succumbs to such a great offer. Firstly it brings down generally woman's dignity and secondly it tells us that as long as you have money, your wishes can be met. This is WRONG.
    Just need to take note that all these are just for sole entertainment purposes and should not instill in your mind anything. JUST FOR ENTERTAINMENT. Thats why i must reiterate again pornography is for adults above 18. Parents need to take note of their children's whereabouts on the internet to make sure they do not surf porn. However..the fact is most of us view pornography below 18. :P

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