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Why does TED censor & delete peoples comments? Is the TED community unable to interact together utilising freedom of speech without censor?

If the TED mantra is, "ideas worth spreading", then why do they censor/delete peoples comments/ideas? This seems to contradict their purpose and by utilising censorship, implies the only ideas worth spreading are the ones that they approve of!

Do other members agree with the TED way of censorship? Do other members feel that they are not getting the whole experience by not being able to see the truth of others by way of their deleted posts?

Do others feel that they may only be seeing the sanitised version of others, so that there consequently is a limited range and depth to idea discussion and healthy debate?

What justifies a comment to be deleted and if so in your opinion why?

Does the present possibility of TED post deletion of your comment, lead you to hold back on giving your all on a topic?

Have you ever had a comment deleted? Did you feel that it was justified?

My post here comes on the back of me discovering that one of my posts had been deleted, along with about 5 other comments from TED members. My post was well articulated, considered, respectful and without profanity or disrespect to any member/group or minority.

I can't help but feel, that the deleted posts would have contained some very interesting things full of peoples emotions which can create strong reactions and interesting debate/discoveries. Censorship of this in my opinion lessens this experience! : D


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