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Do you ever feel pressured, whether explicitly or implicitly, to pick up another language?

Maybe it's because I've grown up in America, and English is my first language, but I've always felt that there was a subtle pressure to know more than one language. Maybe it's because we want to preserve the idea of America as a melting pot of different cultures, which includes languages. Or maybe it's because in this era of globalization, English is still not a universal language and so we need to pick up another to be able to communicate. In light of this, my question is primarily for native English speakers: did you ever feel "pressured" to learn another language? If so, was it explicit or implicit?


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  • Apr 15 2011: I think it is very cool if you can speak several languages, and that means you can connect with several contunry's pepeol ,you can make more friends , and you can know more things cultures about your friends countries. in all , we shuold knew more languages.

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