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How will Obamacare or any universal health reduce skyrocketing healthcare costs. It will not. Why? Problem not tackled. See why.

90 % of a person's healthcare is spent in the last ten days of their life. If we are required by law to wear seatbelts, why are we not required by law to have a medical directive? Let us just say that half of us want everything possible done for us; The others just choose to be comfortable.

This removes the courts, unnecessary tests, heroics for diminished return, ethical and religious concerns, etc. Can you imagine what research might look like again, with the dollars of the 50% who choose for comfort? Not because society or insurance companies decided or allotted (Obamas appointed council as well. But, because we as individuals answered for ourselves.


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    Jul 2 2013: You are entitled to your opinion as am I. I certainly didn't expect that under the discission of debate that people were necessaily berexpected to agree. Further if the mission is to inform and challenge with new idea, I did not expect personal attacks and inuendos.

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