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What if joining the Peace/Ameri Corps was mandatory in public schools in the United States following graduation of high school?

Joining the Peace/Ameri Corps is not only a form of charity, but an educating experience in itself; one that is beyond something that can be taught in books or anything teachable in a classroom. The lessons and knowledge gained through the volunteer programs help provide and educate a new prospective to other cultures and ideologies in the world. What if it were mandatory to join one of these volunteer programs (Peace Corps, AmeriCorps) for a certain amount of time upon graduating high school? What would be the benefits/drawbacks? Could this ultimately effect the skewed public educational system in the United States and the non-progressive standard path taken by high school graduates?


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    Jul 28 2013: The idea of requiring a period of public service by every individual is a very good way to re-teach us that we as individuals owe a debt to the society that nurtures and protects us. The emphasis on the individual that has swept through "western" culture over the past century and more has value because the unique worth of each individual was earlier not acknowledged in many societies. But the flip side of the stress on individualism has been a reduction in emphasis on the community, with a loss of the sense of duty and responsibility to that which brought us our individual rights - namely society.

    A period (perhaps 12-18 months) of public service, military or civilian, working on meaningful public projects together with youths of other areas and cultural background, will add maturity and self-discipline to young people in the upper teens, and will give them time both to experience a workplace and to consider their future. In my opinion this is a great benefit both for the individual and for society. It should go without saying that such a program must be excellently and fairly administered, with stable funding.

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