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Roads which will make the cars fuel efficient.

Actually, I want to make a science fair project for my school and I got some great ideas I got one idea a few days ago that car companies try to make car fuel efficient. And we can't come up with a good fuel which is easily available ,which is cheap and which is not harmful for the nature. So, I thought why not make roads which are much more efficient for cars to be drove on like roads which have magnets in them, they will make cars or bike easily to go forth and it will save some small amount of fuel. And this small-small amounts will make huge difference.
Could you guys suggest some more ways how to do it.

  • Jun 30 2013: This may not help with your project, but it might give you something to think about.

    My information on this is decades old, so things might have changed, but this is my understanding:

    In Germany, the building, rebuilding and maintenance of highways involves a 30-year contract for both building the road and maintaining the road. The contracts are issued by competitive bid, so It behooves the contractor to minimize maintenance costs and make the roadbed last as long as possible. The result is good, smooth roads, free of potholes. The roadbed materials are chosen so that small holes are easily repaired. Potholes cost the USA hugely, in maintenance, tire wear, breakdowns, accidents, and fuel economy. (and aspirin for headaches too)

    Good luck with your project.
  • Jul 1 2013: I think that to "pave" or magnetize the roads is not very practical. or cost-effective. However, for roads with relatively light traffic, we should modify the cars rather than the roads.
    I have a suggestion of making cars like a mixture of an airplane and a hovercraft.( a super-fast boat with a buoying bottom which will lift the entire boat up above the water when the boat speeds up). The car should have 4 wheels as usual, but underneath the car, there will a plastic bottom with the same width, but a protruded front and back panel serving as the wing (1 wing instead of 2) and tail part of a plane. As the car starts and increases its speed, the slightly tipped wing will lift the car slightly above the road surface. then the car will change gear to be driven by a (or 2) propeller or jet engine(s). Of course the car could be started by jet or propeller, then the wheels will be completely passive just like those on airplane. The height of the lift (no more than a foot) will be adjusted by both the front wing and the tail part just like in an airplane. When we want to stop it, we can cut the jet engine and lower the car and the wheels will touch the road again and be braked as usual. The body dimension of the car would not be extraordinary, so it can be used along
    side with other ordinary cars on the roads.
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      Jul 1 2013: Thanks LeMar :) It helped a lot now I am thinking about the road design could you help me with that?? I mean the electromagnet need to be out of the road to attract a vehicle easily. So how to arrange it in the road?
  • Jul 1 2013: An energy efficient road is: smooth, flat and straight.

    It is technology independent, so no matter if you have an internal combustion engine, an electric motor or a set of pedals, you will always get further away than on a regular road.

    The construction costs can vary dramatically depending on the geography.
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    Jul 1 2013: Moving Roads

    Like Conveyer belt

    No Traffic jams,no accidents, may be no hi fi cars just simple cubicles on moving roads
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      Jul 1 2013: It's not possible in reality. The speed won't be good and I don't think so it would be cost effective!
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        Jul 1 2013: Calculate
        the cost of the cars each one of us purchase... billions of dollars.
        cost of loss of life and goods... billions
        loss of working hours due to jams and accidents..billions

        No Traffic jams,no accidents, may be no hi fi cars just simple cubicles on moving roads

        Once up on a time it was not possible in reality, to go to the moon too.
  • Jul 1 2013: There are so many games to play Old ways can be good too Rails, canals, and sea travel is comparatively cheap. Replace road with RR track who knows, but hardly original.
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      Jul 1 2013: But I want to do some experiment with Road. Could you suggest something with road??
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    Jul 1 2013: Where is it? ,,,ah, there it is...


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