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Roads which will make the cars fuel efficient.

Actually, I want to make a science fair project for my school and I got some great ideas I got one idea a few days ago that car companies try to make car fuel efficient. And we can't come up with a good fuel which is easily available ,which is cheap and which is not harmful for the nature. So, I thought why not make roads which are much more efficient for cars to be drove on like roads which have magnets in them, they will make cars or bike easily to go forth and it will save some small amount of fuel. And this small-small amounts will make huge difference.
Could you guys suggest some more ways how to do it.


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      Jul 1 2013: Thanks LeMar :) It helped a lot now I am thinking about the road design could you help me with that?? I mean the electromagnet need to be out of the road to attract a vehicle easily. So how to arrange it in the road?

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