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How did internet change your life?

All of us here were born before the internet came along. Before we had the oportunity to connect globally.

Before the emergence of the internet we only had the local community to connect to, learn from, be influenced by.

Today, we live in a global village that gives us access to knowledge, gives us inspiration, gives us understanding of who we are and how everything works. All this, the online experiences of all sorts, may be just as valuable in our life everyday life experiences.

It can build your character, show you what's important.

How did the online experience change your life?

And if you were born before or after that (the emergence on internet), how do you think your perspective is different from the people who haven't had the internet all their life?

All comments, links and stories are welcome.


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    Jun 30 2013: "How did the online experience change your life?"
    A lot.
    I think it helped me to understand life, views, emotions in a more effective way apart from gleaning useful information. Well, it can never be akin to sharing life with someone in daily reality for a person 2000 miles away, in a different culture but it can provide a glimpse into a human being whom I will possibly never meet. Many people say that this is a great shortcoming of online experiences. But I think it has positive sides too. Sometimes proximity can rob a relationship of some intellectual substance, a disembodied purity, that online relationships provide.
    On the more practical side, my speaking ability in English largely owes credit to my online friends and hours of skype sessions.
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      Jun 30 2013: I agree that a relationship can be robbed of intellectual substance when proximity gets in way. Example - my mother's neighbour tried to tell me something once about her life. I didn't feel like listening to her because she has just smoked a cigarette and used a parfume that I didn't like and she was so close. She had something to say, but I just didn't feel like listening because of the way she was speaking, the smell and so on.

      I also agree that you can learn a lot freom the internet, it can boost your language skills as well. I don't use skype that often, I use it very rarely, but having access to internet in general really helped me to learn English - I had games, search engines, e-mails. I also had penpals from all over the world once, that really taught me a lot about it, that is - the world. Example - I once corresponded via e-mail with a gay man in Yugoslavia, he had a different perspective that I had, the e-mails ended at one point but this and other sorts of communication that I've had really told me something. I was a teen then, connecting, reaching out, listening, learning.

      Thank you for your communication, Pabitra.
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      Jul 1 2013: Pabitra, I agree with you.

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