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How did internet change your life?

All of us here were born before the internet came along. Before we had the oportunity to connect globally.

Before the emergence of the internet we only had the local community to connect to, learn from, be influenced by.

Today, we live in a global village that gives us access to knowledge, gives us inspiration, gives us understanding of who we are and how everything works. All this, the online experiences of all sorts, may be just as valuable in our life everyday life experiences.

It can build your character, show you what's important.

How did the online experience change your life?

And if you were born before or after that (the emergence on internet), how do you think your perspective is different from the people who haven't had the internet all their life?

All comments, links and stories are welcome.


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  • Jun 30 2013: Internet broaden my perspectives in life,it helps me to get information to guide in my thinking...it makes me feel the world is connected .
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      Jun 30 2013: I agree.

      It's incredibly important to know that the world is connected. I'm not sure what you mean by guide in thinking, but information is important. After reading your comment I feel like editing the conversation again to add some more questions - what have you learned from the internet and has that changed your life or perspective in any way?
      • Jul 1 2013: Eight years ago,I learnt english by myself via Internet.I think if no internet,I wouldn't think of learning english,wouldn't get chance to talk to so many friends from all over the world,wouldn't have chance to read so many books to enlighten me...wouldn't like my teaching job as much as I can be now...

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