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How did internet change your life?

All of us here were born before the internet came along. Before we had the oportunity to connect globally.

Before the emergence of the internet we only had the local community to connect to, learn from, be influenced by.

Today, we live in a global village that gives us access to knowledge, gives us inspiration, gives us understanding of who we are and how everything works. All this, the online experiences of all sorts, may be just as valuable in our life everyday life experiences.

It can build your character, show you what's important.

How did the online experience change your life?

And if you were born before or after that (the emergence on internet), how do you think your perspective is different from the people who haven't had the internet all their life?

All comments, links and stories are welcome.


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    Jul 1 2013: Hi Anna,

    This is a great question!

    The internet has had 2 profound and contradictory affects on me:

    1. It has allowed me to round-out all the academic questions I could not access without the net - I no longer have to spend fortunes on gaining access to the great thinkers of the world and the experimental results of scientists - it's all there.
    2. It has captured a significant amount of my time - this is time that is excluded from service to my day-to-day survival needs. That's good and bad. The bad bit is that it has taught me that I am less able to generate immediate wealth and short-term advantage, the good bit is that I never had any real need to expend so much energy - and others were syphoning my energy - that does not happen any more, and I keep all my energy for my real life and those who I love.

    When I look around, I see many people working 12-hour days and getting only a fraction of the value they produce. I cannot help them, because if I mention it, they get violently defensive. I will note that all these violent fools still watch television.

    There is a huge difference between broadcast and interactive media. I can't help those who still have to deal with their captivity. All I can do is hint and hope that they will wake up one day .. won't happen in my lifetime, but maybe in the lifetime of my son.

    As for him? He will have to deal with the issues of interactive media in ways I cannot imagine. I am not fool enough to think that his life will be any easier .. but I would hope that he gets some results.
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      Jul 1 2013: Hi,

      It's true that internet can be addictive. That's probably why I'm typing this now :)

      I also agree that broadcast and being interactive are two different things, but I wouldn't totally discard broadcast. I don't have a tv now (it implodeed, that was weird), but sometimes it's good to see the news, now what is happening. The TV should always be on, especially when young people are watching and there is one thing they should EDIT - NOT be watching - commercials.

      Where I live now the system when it comes to tv is completely different, ask me if you're interested.
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        Jul 1 2013: Anna, why should young people be watching commercials? Can you explain more?
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        Jul 2 2013: I am weary of the devolution of media.

        On the other hand, it cannot be supressed.

        Internet is already old and corrupted. There will be a new thing.

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