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How has learning about physics changed you personal outlook?

Quantum superposition,the Higgs Field, Black Holes, dark energy/matter and even straight forward gravity are enduring mysterious inquireries in physics. The more we learn about the observable universe the more mysteries we uncover. Has you personal outlook on reality been altered by them. Should it be?

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    Jun 30 2013: It certainly did. Quantum physics in general and Bohm's idea of implicate order had a profound effect on my belief system. I never had so much faith in religion and always had problem accommodating my spirituality in a framework of reason. The mind matter connection that implicate order proposes helped me take on questions that were hitherto off limits for science and physics. The quantum model of 'self'' is to the extent I can wonder without forsaking reason and that's a great joy for me.
    I can now agree with Feynman in as much as living with many things unknown rather than feel compelled to invent fairy tells to feel comforted.
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    Jun 29 2013: Physics has changed my point of view about almost everything. I'm not a scientist, but I feel amazing and curious about physics misteries. She has given me the opportunity of dreaming about new places to explore, including those into the particles.
  • Jun 29 2013: Physics, and learning about physics, has affected my entire life. So much, that I cannot imagine how to describe it.

    It is the small scale physics that has had the biggest effect, like learning how to use a screwdriver.
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    Jun 30 2013: paul, if you want more time on your conversation click "edit" and add more time.

    I sometimes find it intriguing to think about whether life has value, let's say there had never been a universe, or life, you can say what a shame that would have been, but if you'd never been alive you wouldn't have any regrets, wouldn't feel sorry you missed out on anything, because you're not alive to feel regrets.

    I also like physics as simply giving us a language to talk about physical events, by isolating the field and giving it a name you see another dimension of life, the dimension of physics.
  • Jun 30 2013: Having been a physics major and being interested in solving problems and interested in some applied math. I have learned some aspects about what happens in our real world. I have also observed most people are not INTJ's They are not interested in physical reality, get bored easily, and often can't understand the basics. Physics can help you become a Cassandra.