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Can we control what we see in our dreams?

I believe that Dreams are stories created by our brain from the objects(for e.g. images) which are stored there as a result of what we see in our daily lives. Of course the link between those objects is our thinking/belief/ideology about the situation that we see in the dream.
I believe that we recognize only those things that we see and observe, but we don't recognize things which we must have seen and not observed
I would love to know your views on dreams and ask you that Can we take control of what we see in our dreams? If yes, then how? Also why do people day dream?

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    Jul 4 2013: Why do you need to control your dreams?
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      Jul 28 2013: I don't know if one needs to or not. Perhaps, though, there is some beneficial aspect to exerting influence over our dreams that allows for us to experience a therapeutic result we can carry over into our waking lives? Maybe someone who is traumatized by an event can desensitize and reprocess the traumatic event and heal the psychological wound? Or work through a real-world anxiety, the way people who are afraid of flying get into flight simulators?
      • Jul 29 2013: Not bad Daniel, but they are all small cases, expand the possibilities, and you'll get to see a brave new world.

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