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Water taken by trees through roots

My idea is to design an water filter. Trees will take water through capillary action. But my question is whether roots has capable of separating fluorinated water and taking only fresh water into it. Is it so how it will separate water.

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    Jul 28 2013: Most likely they cannot filter the fluoride out. I believe plants tend to absorb whatever water and nutrients are available, which is why certain types of plants do better in certain types of soils, since they don't have much in the way of regulation in regards to what the surface roots (the primary water and nutrient absorbing roots) take up.

    SUMMARY: Monthly observations from May through October during the year 2000
    on the southwest side of a phosphate fertilizer plant located in the coastal zone of
    the Sfax region of Tunisia showed that vegetation close to the factory accumulates
    large quantities of F with variable specific symptoms of toxicity. According to their
    F content, cultivated species can be classified into five different categories. At the
    same level of exposure, species with high F content include olive trees (420 μg F/g
    dry weight), while those with low F content are represented by apricot trees (50 μg
    F/g dry weight). As expected, F concentrations decreased with increasing distance
    from the pollution source. Beyond 8 km, they were lower than 30 μg F/ g dry weight.
    Analysis of atmospheric fluoride revealed a close interrelationship between
    concentrations of F in the atmosphere and in plant leaves."
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