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The new Elite.....living in a bubble. (Are you a snob?)

Watch this short video by Charles Murray on the Big Think.


He has some interesting things to say about the new elite, and how they are living in a bubble that cuts them off from mainstream America.

What do you think? Does what he say make sense to you?


Closing Statement from W T

I want to thank all the members that participated in this conversation.

I am happy to report that no one owned up to being a snob on here!!!

And THAT'S a good thing!.............life and the people around us are too precious and valuable to keep ourselves in a bubble and untouchable.

Do watch Anna Deavere's presentation...........it is quite............REMARKABLE.....I lack words.

And do read through the conversation, and if possible listen to the James Patterson interview on NPR that I linked below.

Here's to simple people everywhere........Cheers!!

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    Jun 30 2013: in my travels I have had the fortune to hobknob with the dirt poor all the way to the rich and famous and, what I have learned is that of all the classes of people, not one class is really aware of the others. Yes they know that they are there but, once we are in our own little nest, nothing else exists nor matter. I think this would qualify everybody as snobs or not, it is all part of the egocentric nature that we are.
    btw. let's not get too hung up on tests and studies, life is such that we can conjure up tests and studies that can and will yield the results that we are looking for.

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      Jun 30 2013: Recognizing that humans are egocentric, and at times give in to this shortcoming, is a bitter truth.
      Your comment reminded me of an interview Oprah did with James Cameron when the movie Avatar came out.

      Here is a two minute clip from that interview, with a deep thought.
      Very apropo to what you have stated Mr. Sergi.


      What do you think of it?

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