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Can an evolutionary path be altered by technology development?

Ok.. Time to hypothesize.. Let's say that humans were slated to evolve wings and the natural ability to fly in 100 million years. However, since we have developed flying technologies (airplanes, helicopters, balloons) and no longer need the natural ability to fly, will our "evolutionary destiny" be altered or will we still get wings in 100 million years (as if the evolutionary development is hard-coded in our genetics)??


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    • Jul 1 2013: I agree but I also believe that all creatures evolve regardless of the presence of a stressor. I take it you presume technological development will stop evolution but I see technological development as another "stressor" to drive evolution.. just presume something like this hypothetical and speculative scenario: we no longer need to walk/run far because we drive. We might no longer need to drive because we have the internet. will evolution push us to loose our legs soon? It is a stupid presumption i know, but its just that i believe technology can potentially affect our evolution(?) as well.. its not a stressor. Its... i don't know what to call it... .
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        • Jul 2 2013: I didn't quite get that part of your statement previously so I missed it, but I see we both agree on the potential evolutionary change technology can offer.

          I find this statement interesting "...other devices and the competition factor may be a stressor that will cause a mutation and evolution towards skills...." you seem to imply that evolutionary mutations can be influenced by an individual... meaning an individual can somehow change(?) his genes? Ii think the concensus is that evolution is driven by natural selection...But Im trying to explore the idea myself that evolution may be played by something else rather than just mutations. There is something in epigenetics in curious about as a driving force in evolution. But i think its a relatively new topic you might be curious. I have little understanding in that topic myself. Thanks for your discussions.

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